Who We Are

One of the best parts about Pickleball is that truly anyone and everyone can play and enjoy it.
From young to old, and from petite to curvy, the court is an equalizer and a game for all.
It brings out the athlete in everyone!

What we noticed unfortunately - is that the clothes made for Pickleball didn't seem to be for "anyone and everyone". When we wanted to have something "Pickleball related" to wear to our matches with friends - the options were either the same athletic gear that is worn for any other sport, or silly t-shirts with pickles holding paddles and exclaiming "I'm a big dill!" That was a no-thanks for us...

Where are the clothes for the everyday Jane - who wants to show her love for the sport, but isn't comfortable in a crop top or spandex? What about the everyday Joe who rules the court but isn't sponsored by Selkirk?

We set out to develop a brand that is both functional and fashionable. Whether its dry wicking tee's with easy movement for the court, or warm jackets and sweatshirts for to and from the court - Dilly Co is the first Pickleball brand for everyone. And, our paddles are USA Pickleball approved and were developed with the same specs as all the big brands - but priced for the every-man.

We love Pickleball so much and want everyone to play as great as they feel!

Tracy & Karen have been friends and business partners for 7 years. The start of Dilly Co was over a shared desire to build a brand that makes fun and fashionable clothing and gear where everyone can feel as good as they play!

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