Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which paddle is right for me?
    There are no less than one-bazillion paddles out there, and they all claim to be more "more power" or "more control" or "more spin" or "bigger sweet spot". We know - its a little annoying to try to figure out if something is really worth the big price tags. There are a few basics to know about paddles that will help you make an informed decision.

    1. What is the surface made out of: this is where you will see the biggest difference in feel in your shots. The most common industry-wide (and the two we sell) are fiberglass and carbon fiber. Fiberglass is a little bit of a softer surface so it acts as a sort of a "trampoline" when the ball hits it - which means the ball leaves the paddle with a little more power (your power + the inertia of the trampoline). Fiberglass paddles will provide the "pop" that you hear and have come to like, and they are a paddle anyone can pick up and feel immediately comfortable with.
    Carbon fiber on the other hand is a much harder product, which means the ball hits the paddle and loses some of its power - it hits with a smack. So you have to provide the power. But because the surface is so hard, the sweet spot is bigger on the paddle, which means a little more control.
    We really like both surfaces and both play very well. Carbon fiber is a bit more expensive to manufacture simply because of the price of the material. And because it requires just a bit more technique and finesse to master, we like it for the intermediate+ player.

    2. What is the core made of: all our paddles (and the most common of all major brands) are made with a honeycomb polymer core. This means there is a honeycomb webbing on the inside that provides the all-over sweet spot. Its quiet, durable and balances power with touch. If you find a paddle somewhere made of wood or just plastic through and through -- don't waste your money.

    3. USA Pickleball standards: if you're playing with family or friends - you can use any paddle you like. If you're entering a tournament, most will require that you play with a paddle that is approved by the USA Pickleball association. This is a way to regulate the standards by which it was manufactured so everyone is on a relatively level playing field.

  • What's with the little rabbit in the Dilly Co logo?
    Good question. When we set out to develop the Dilly Co brand, there were
    a couple of things that were important to us.
    1) we didn't want anything having to do with pickles, at all.
    2) we didn't want anything cheesy or "overly" Pickleball-ish
    3) we wanted to represent our midwest roots
    4) we wanted an icon of sorts that said Pickleball without screaming pickleball
    We landed on this sweet rabbit with a Pickleball tail - because the Cottontail is the most prevalent animal in the midwest. We love how brands like Southern Tide and Vineyard Vines pay homage to their neck of the woods with a friendly logo representation, so we wanted to do the same. You'll find the Dilly Rabbit on all our clothes, but sometimes he's not front and center - but he's always there!

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