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CourtSide Series | Advanced Paddle

CourtSide Series | Advanced Paddle

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Our CourtSide Series paddles are made with the intermediate to advanced player in mind. The wide body styling has a large sweet spot with less weight in the head which allows for a little more leniency and less wild shots. The carbon fiber surface material has less "pop" sound that you might hear from a fiberglass paddle, but the stiff surface offers more control. It is lightweight at just 7.8 ounces and has a light grit texture on the surface making it the perfect paddle for players who want more control and spin on the ball. All of our paddles are manufactured to USA Pickleball standards for tournament play.

For more information on which paddle is right for you, see our FAQ page!


Fabric and Care

5" handle length for two-handed backhands, lightweight materials to reduce fatigue on wrists and forearm


surface materials: raw carbon fiber surface

core materials: polymer honeycomb core (Polymer is durable, quiet, and offers a good balance of power and touch)

core thickness: 13.3mm (provides a bit more power)

paddle size: 16" x 7.87"

grip length: 5in

weight: 7.8oz

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